Nichole G Review:

For my husband and I , wedding photography was the most imporatnt thing on our list. We wanted to make sure we booked with someone who could provide beautiful photos that were unique and would last a life time. We found EXACTLY what we were looking for in IQphoto...

Joseph Kohn is hard working, dedicated and extremely professional; his artistry is beyond compare. We enjoyed every photo session we had with Joseph because he made every moment fun and magical! He helped us feel comfortable not only in the photo shoots, but throughout the entire process; we trusted him completely and for us, that was the most important thing. Joseph's passion, artistic eye, excellent creative judgment and all around warm personality made him a complete joy to work with... We have had nothing but the highest complements on our wedding album and photos, Joseph made us look like models! He is the most talented photographer we have yet encountered, and over the past year since our wedding, it seems he has only gotten better.

My husband and I GLADLY recommend IQphoto to any future bride and groom, Joseph's work is worth every penny!