One of the first weddings during COVID. Meet this brave couple!

On Saturday, May 9, 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, we had our first wedding in almost two months. And it was lovely and special and it lifted everyone’s spirits and all the rules of social distancing were observed. Why and how you may ask. Well, our lovely bride, Alex, graciously provided all the answers.

Alex and Keane knew they wanted to get married, but did not have a date when Shelter in Place began. With so much uncertainty in the world and no clear indication of when restrictions will be lifted, they did not want to make any bookings or wait too long, so they made a decision to have an intimate outdoor wedding ceremony at their friend’s estate in Hillsborough.

Alex and Keane have put several precautions in place to make sure the SIP rules were observed and everyone was safe. Prior to the ceremony, everyone was sheltering in place, avoiding even grocery store runs, and relying on online deliveries. Once the guest arrived at the ceremony they were strategically seated 6 feet apart from those who were not members of their households. Everyone brought masks and hand sanitizers, including the newlyweds who were wearing custom masks made by a friend. The officiant, who was also quarantining, stood 6 feet apart from the couple.

The wonderful ceremony was followed by a cake and champagne reception. In order to continue keeping everyone safe, Alex and Keane ordered plastic Champagne flutes on Amazon and bought high-end plates for the cake. Keeping their distance, guests took their treats from a self-serving station.

As far as photographs go, telephoto lens, specifically purchased for the occasion, really came in handy. The wedding photographer, who was also wearing a mask, was able to socially distance himself from the couple and the guests and still take great photos. Of course, we had to come up with creative ways to include everyone in the wedding photos, but it was a fun challenge. For example, Alex’s brother, who is part of a different household, stood behind the couple. He was distanced from the bride and groom, but it did not look awkward.

This wonderful “COVID” wedding really lifted my spirits and filled me with joy and hope. According to Alex, this feeling was shared by everyone in her family. Getting ready for the wedding Alex, Keane, and their loved ones had something to look forward to in this age of doom and gloom and being at the wedding was a great excuse to get out of the house and dress up. Best of all, it was a terrific way to see family and watch a new family unit form.