About IQphoto

Hi there, my name is Joseph Kohn and I am founder of IQphoto, a wedding photography studio based in San Francisco.

I always loved taking photos. I was even taking two cameras to middle school. Got in trouble because of that but couldn't stop myself. I had to take photos. Countless photos. Photos of everything. People, buildings, cars and more people. I always felt that you can learn more about the subject when looking at this grainy black and white photograph. I was 12 years old.

Fast forward through my engineering career, I ended up in San Francisco in 2002 and founded IQphoto and within 2 years it became my full time job that took me all around the world.

My goal is to create visual story that does not lose value over time. I am a true believer and lasting memories and I have a very specific way of capturing things.

My mother is also actively participating in the post production. She helped me designing hundreds of wedding albums and my brother is a professional wedding videographer.

I am married for 18 years, have two awesome kids and two cats. Thinking about getting a dog but a bit afraid of responsibility given my crazy schedule.


While I prefer to stay in the background, I am pretty good at being involved in the entire wedding without being noticed or create distractions. When situation requires for me to step in, I will. You won't see me walking around without a purpose. I know exactly where to to be at any given time.

I speak with guests, I interact with kids, I remember names. I guide people. I respect your celebration. I am available when you or your family needs me. Here is what people wrote about my approach.

Let me pass the mike

I know this isn't much information about me or my studio here. I always preferred not to over promise things and that includes my personality for marketing purposes. But I can assure you, I have a lot to share in a more private setting. We will find a topic for a conversation for sure.

My clients expressing themselves much better then I do. They sent me countless "thank you cards" and wrote hundreds of reviews (even a poem) and here are these that focus on my personality. And these are from people, we had an awesome connection.

I am forever grateful for my clients love and support.