Hi there, I am Joseph Kohn, a creator of IQphoto. I am a camera shy guy. So naturally I prefer to be behind the camera. Sometimes I only feel alive when I am behind the lens. A strange thought, but it's true.


I always loved taking photos. I was even taking two cameras to middle school. Got in trouble because of that but couldn't stop myself. I had to take photos. Countless photos. Photos of everything. People, buildings, cars and more people. I always felt that you can learn more about the subject when looking at this grainy black and white photograph. I was 12 years old in the Eastern Europe.


Fast forward through my engineering career, I ended up in San Francisco in 2002 (ask me about my crazy love story) and founded IQphoto Studio. A lot of people asked me what IQ stands for? In short is my hidden desire to meet new smart people. So perhaps IQ is an inception point for me and you.


My goal is to create a visual story that does n o t lose value over time. I am a true believer and lasting memories and I have a very specific way of capturing things.


I am a bit geeky and love gadgets and technology. I read almost every day and can spend hours playing with photos I like. I wouldn't be the person I am without my wife, Masha. She is a love of my life and I can't imagine my life without her. Actually I can. It would have been complete and total disaster. I have two kids. A girl and a boy. And two cats.


Since early 2009 I work together with Alex and together we have photographed thousands big and small weddings around the world. He is one of the most talented and enthusiastic people I've ever met in my life.


My mother is also actively participating in the post production production. She helped me designing hundreds of wedding albums and my brother is a professional videographer.





While I prefer to stay in the background, I am pretty good at being involved in the entire wedding without being noticed or create distractions. When situation requires for me to step in, I will. You won't see me walking around without a purpose. I know exactly where to to be at any given time.


I speak with guests, I interact with kids, I remember names. I guide people. I respect your celebration. I am available when you or your family needs me.


One of the invisible achievements a good photographer may have is a situational awareness. It goes far beyond being familiar with the location. It's understanding timing, being able to advise couple on the best course of action in case of delays, keep clients happy in stressful situations, working with complex lighting on the fly, prioritizing things in case something prevents going with original plan. Working and understanding the officiant, coordinating with event planner, make-up artist, limo driver and so much more.




First of all, I love team work. I feel best results is a combination of efforts between me and the couple. A careful planning in which I prefer to be involved is appreciated. A timeline that helps maximize my skills is needed.


I also prefer to work with couples who have deep family connections, life long friends and who want all of them to be a part of my future story. I feel powerless when families don't talk to each other or when couple only focused on bridal portraits or details.


I am committed to my clients only. Not to the event planner, not to any other vendors (and I know many awesome ones I will gladly recommend) but to my clients. I will not focus my attention to get a specific image that has a chance of winning a competition or to impress my Instagram followers. My goal is and will remain capturing moments and creating a visual story.


And because of this commitment I want my clients to be able to see and feel my work and passion. I want them to see a lot of it - not just few photos.


from our clients

“We spent hours looking through his photos. There is something special about them. They don’t just capture the typical wedding poses. He captures moments, feelings, memories. When you look at them you feel like you’re inside the moment, experiencing it alongside the wedding party.”

“As I watched Joseph’s slideshow, my heart surged with the music and each flowing image. His shots compiled a universal story, of anticipation, of contemplation, of great change, and of course, of love. There was urbanity, movement, joy, and humor in the shots. Yes, it is possible to capture all of that in stills. Joseph is an artist who composes those moments in unique ways.”

“Joseph of IQ photo has the best emotional and intellectual approach to wedding photography…he is incredibly creative, innovative and spontaneous…I am still amazed that he goes all out for every wedding. His work becomes original and fresh at every wedding. He’s always stretching his artistic range. His pictures are always fresh, exciting, dramatic, and especially, interesting and fun to look at!”

“Joseph is hard working, dedicated and extremely professional; his artistry is beyond compare. We enjoyed every photo session we had with Joseph because he made every moment fun and magical!…Joseph’s passion, artistic eye, excellent creative judgment and all around warm personality made him a complete joy to work with. We have had nothing but the highest compliments on our wedding album and photos. Joseph made us look like models!”

Wyn W.
Wyn W.
09:32 17 Feb 19
Loved all our photos!! Thank you! They turned out more beautiful than I imagined; made me feel so happy to make the decision to capture our day. There were...
Samantha K.
Samantha K.
15:55 24 Oct 18
Joseph is so talented and so professional.There are very few people that can make myself and my now husband not look awkward, he is one of those limited...
Sabrina L.
Sabrina L.
10:12 01 Feb 18
This review is so long overdue that it pains me...nevertheless, without a doubt, the BEST investment my husband and I made on our wedding was booking Jospeh...